How to keep the inventory in the warehouse of fiber packaging belt?



As the end of the year approaches, many customers have prepared the inventory of fiber packaging tapes to be used in the coming year in advance. How can the fiber packaging tapes be better stored in the warehouse? The editor summarized the following warm tips.
The raw material of the fiber packaging belt is plastic, and the packaging paper and paper core are flammable. Fire safety needs to be particularly careful. So there are some requirements for its storage that we need to know. What are the specific requirements we should pay attention to?
When storing fiber packing tapes, a large number of fire fighting equipment should be purchased, placed in a conspicuous position, set up fire fighting passages, ensure fire fighting water, understand fire fighting knowledge, and organize fire fighting training.
Generally, the fiber packaging belt can be used for a long time, but its shelf life is also directly affected by its storage environment. Therefore, when storing the fiber packaging belt, we should first pay attention to the dry environment, strictly control the humidity of the storage environment, which will lead to corrosion of the fiber packaging belt if the humidity is too high, and then pay attention to the fiber packaging belt should be stored in rolls to avoid folding and damage. If the storage time is too long, it should be turned over regularly, for example, once a quarter, and the damaged fiber packaging belt should be treated in time.
In order to avoid the sun and rain, the fiber packaging belt should be stored in the warehouse. It is prohibited to contact with acid, alkali oil and organic solvent, and keep clean and dry. When the room temperature is between - 15 ℃ and 40 ℃ and the fiber packaging belt is stored in the warehouse, the card board shall be placed under it to prevent mildew and moisture, and ensure the integrity of the product.