Some misunderstandings about fiber packing belt



Recently, Xiaobian has received a lot of inquiries from many people, most of which are about fiber packaging products, which is inevitable for novices and people who do not know about the packaging industry. However, some people have a lot of knowledge about this industry or are simply engaged in this industry. Today, Xiaobian cannot help but talk about some of the points that we roast about.
1. Some customers said that the packaging was not as easy to use as before. For this problem, our products are produced in batches by machines, and the quality is very stable. In many cases, the products packaged by customers are different before and after use. For example, the clean and dry products packaged in the front can give full play to their self-adhesiveness, and the effect is good. If the latter is used to package products with more frosting or dregs, the effect is certainly not satisfactory.
2. Secondly, in the production of fiber packaging belt, because the packaging belt is not a precision product, it is inevitable to produce errors in the production. Generally speaking, the error of each roll is about 0.1kg, which is normal. The weighing of multi-roll packaging belt is still in line with the weight.
3. The fiber packaging belt needs to be fully stretched to play its role in use. The shape is similar to the roll of paper. After stretching, it can protect goods in a large area. Some people complain that the reinforcement performance of roast is not enough, or the method used may be wrong.
There has always been a famous saying in the field of product design that there is no perfect product, only a group of people who work hard to patch. Most of the time, the problem will occur in unexpected places, sometimes in the wrong way of use, sometimes in the wrong choice of fiber packaging products, and sometimes in the product itself. Therefore, only when both customers and businesses solve the problems with a positive attitude can we achieve win-win cooperation.