Flexible packing belt is widely used as packing belt for export goods



In today's very active market economy, any enterprise can not do without packaging. In recent years, with the continuous demand of large, medium and small enterprises for production, the demand for packaging has increased rapidly. As an essential material, packaging belt shows a broad development prospect in various fields of economic development. The flexible packaging belt has become the choice for packaging large and heavy goods in the packaging industry.
The flexible packing belt can be widely used in the transportation and packaging of goods, the internal fastening of containers, the bundling of delicate surface goods, the bundling of equipment with surface coating, the transportation fastening of military equipment, the bundling of airdropped materials, the reinforcement of oil and gas pipelines, the reinforcement of composite pressure vessels, the reinforcement of buildings, civil engineering, and disaster rescue, etc.
In particular, its simple binding operation, simple buckle binding, no energy (such as power supply, compressed air) and no auxiliary tools can be used to tie the knot. The applicable environment is very broad, and it is very suitable for military field operations and emergency rescue and disaster relief.  
Flexible packing belt polyester extrusion composite binding belt is made of multi-strand high molecular polyester fiber. Compared with traditional steel strip and PP strip, it has extremely high technical and performance advantages, so it has been very popular for many companies. They can bind and fix goods safely, quickly and economically instead of steel binding belts. Benefiting from the flexibility and toughness of the binding belt, it can be easily folded and applied to the special steel wire packaging buckle. Due to the price of steel and policy restrictions, the steel strip has gradually withdrawn from the market, thus reducing the transportation cost. Therefore, the market demand for flexible packaging belt has increased rapidly in recent years.