How to use the steel wire packing buckle?



The steel wire packing buckle is formed by large mechanical stamping and has strong tensile strength after different surface treatment such as galvanizing or phosphating. It is an ideal metal packing buckle for matching polyester fiber flexible packing belt, woven belt and other products.
When using the steel wire packing buckle, you need to fold one end of the packing belt up in half, which can be reserved for about 10 cm. At the same time, the opening of the packing buckle is facing right, and the folded packing belt passes through the hollow position in the middle of the packing buckle from bottom to top, and the folding part of the packing belt passes through the leg of one side of the packing buckle, and the other end repeats the above steps. With the aid of the packer tool, tighten and cut the packing belt, so that the whole packing process can be completed.
The use of steel wire packing buckles also has a unique elastic texture and retains strong tension, making them suitable for reinforcing products of any type, size or weight, ensuring that the bundled goods remain the original shape, and making the goods easy to sort and stack.