Difference between polyester fiber packing belt and other packing belts



Polyester fiber packaging belt is a new environmental protection packaging material used to replace steel belt and plastic steel belt in the world. It is widely used in the packaging of containers, large machinery, military transportation, glass, pipe fittings, oil drums, steel, wood, paper, chemical and other industries. It uses steel wire packaging buckles as the connection, and the design is very scientific and reasonable. It not only connects firmly, but also never falls off and slips in a solid state, greatly improving the work efficiency and safety in the binding and transportation process.
It has been consistently used for more than 50 years. The production of steel strips used for strengthening traditional goods has spread all over the world, with uneven quality. Sharp edges are dangerous during operation. They will break when tightened. There is a "rebound" condition. Tools are easy to wear. Usually two tools are required to operate. They will not recover after stretching. They have no memory.
PET belt is more rigid than polyester fiber packaging belt. When the operator or customer cuts it, it will have obvious rebound and sharp end, which is easy to cause injury. After being exposed to high intensity ultraviolet radiation for a long time, it will be brittle. It is uncertain that the belt is excessively tensioned, which will be affected by the weather. It will be dissolved at more than 270 degrees Fahrenheit, and it will be brittle when it is less than 20 degrees below zero. Packaging tools are expensive, regardless of whether it is steel buckle or high-frequency dissolution, the bonding strength is low. If used together with steel buckle, the system strength can only be about 60% of the original strength, and the high-frequency dissolution system strength can be reduced to 85% of the original strength.
Compared with the steel belt and PET belt described above, PP belt still has many advantages, such as: safer than steel belt when operating, cheaper than steel belt and PET belt, packaging tools are also generally cheaper, and generally easier to carry than steel belt in the operating area. However, PP belt also has some disadvantages. For example, the system strength is very low. According to the application, it is not as strong as steel belt or PET belt. Usually, several tools (tightening machine and crimping machine) are required to be used together with the buckle. The system connection strength is not as good as other belts. After tightening, it will continue to creep and stretch.
Polyester fiber packaging belt has a series of characteristics such as high seismic resistance, strong tensile force, high buckle strength, cost saving, safe use, no damage to products, no rust and no deterioration, and is increasingly used in the packaging industry.