What are the advantages of fiber packaging that are different from traditional packaging belts?



Fiber packaging belt has extremely high technical and performance advantages, which can safely, quickly and economically replace steel binding belt to bind and fix goods, and can be easily folded and used.
The fiber packing belt is made of multi-strand polymer polyester fiber. Compared with traditional steel strip and PP strip, it has extremely high technical and performance advantages, so it has been very popular for many companies. They can bind and fix goods safely, quickly and economically instead of steel binding belts. Benefiting from the flexibility and toughness of the binding belt, it can be easily folded and used.
Performance advantages of fiber packaging belt:
1. Strength
Fiber packaging belt can be used instead of steel belt. It has many advantages over steel, and can absorb the vibration during transportation, thus ensuring the excellent impact resistance of goods in long-distance transportation.
In the case of continuous cracking, the fiber packing belt can absorb more impact energy than the steel packing belt.
2. Applicable temperature and climate
The fiber packaging belt will not rust and can resist high temperature, so it will not be affected by the environment.
3. Safety
The fiber packing belt is lighter and easier to operate than the steel belt with the same length. It is popular with customers and users because it can't scratch hands. When using the steel belt for packing, it often scratches workers.
These are the advantages of the fiber packaging belt. Because of these advantages, the fiber packaging belt replaces the traditional packaging belt and is unanimously recognized by customers.