Which packaging method is recommended for flexible packaging belt?



Flexible packaging belt is a new type of environmental protection packaging material used to replace steel belt and PET plastic steel belt in the world at present. After the successful development of new materials and the substantial reduction of cost in recent years, it has been widely used in steel industry, chemical fiber industry, aluminum ingot industry, paper industry, brick kiln industry, screw industry, tobacco industry, electronics industry, textile, machinery industry and wood industry.
Many customers usually ask, what is the proper packaging method for flexible packaging belt? Today, I will give you a detailed introduction.
The suitable packaging tool for flexible packaging belt is the manual packaging machine. In most packaging environments, we recommend the combination of flexible packaging belt and steel wire packaging buckle, and use the manual packaging machine to tighten the packaging. This packaging method is fast, convenient, flexible, and convenient. The use of the manual packaging machine is not limited to the combination of electric and pneumatic packaging machine accessories, and can be used in any scene that can be packed without limitation. In addition, the flexible packaging belt is used with steel wire packaging buckle for packaging, which can give full play to the large tension value of the flexible packaging belt and make its advantages more thorough.
Secondly, in some simple packaging scenarios, we also recommend the pneumatic packaging machine. This packaging method is generally used for packaging small items. It does not need to be combined with steel wire packaging buckles, but directly uses the binding method of packaging belt. It is mostly used in simple packaging of products. It is also one of the suitable packaging methods for flexible packaging belt.