The polyester fiber packing belt is easy to pack, use and remove



The polyester fiber packaging belt is made of material that is as strong as steel, light and soft, and weighs less than 20% of the iron sheet. There is no sharp edge that will damage the goods.
Polyester fiber packing belt is a good system for handling and fixing goods. It is not only safe and convenient to use, but also can be used in different areas and various environments due to its flexibility. It has high strength and tensile resistance, which can replace the traditional steel belt binding method, and is safe to use without scratching the package; With outstanding ability to tighten and persist and memory, I will not relax for a long time in the future; A tension of 0.5-8.5 tons is acceptable. In the process of transportation, it can also buffer the huge impact force, and has good trafficability and foldability; Easy to use, fast and less waste, and safe to use and remove.
In addition, when using polyester fiber packing belt, it will not scratch workers, rust or rot, and will not deform. It has extremely strong linearity and system tension.