Stable corrosion resistance of fiber packaging tape



Fiber packaging belt is a new environmental protection packaging material used to replace steel belt and plastic steel belt in the world. It is widely used in container, large machinery, military transportation, glass, pipe fittings, oil drums, steel, wood, paper, chemical and other industries.
The fiber packaging belt can absorb the vibration during transportation, and can recover the memory tension under the premise of continuous cracking. It absorbs more impact energy than the steel packaging belt. Its firmness is comparable to the steel belt, and it can withstand the tension of 0.5-2.6 tons.
The fiber packaging belt has good impact resistance and ductility, and can recover well even if deformed. Moreover, the fiber packaging belt will not rust, and can adapt to various climatic conditions, with a wide range of applications. The fiber packaging belt can withstand the changes of various climatic conditions, can work normally at 130 ℃, has good corrosion resistance, and can work in sea water, and will never pollute your product.